Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ever wish you could have THE cool profile pic on the social networking block?

Ever wish you could have the cool profile pic on the social networking block? Well wish no longer as your problems are now solved with the arrival of the new service provided by toonsmith and future comic strip legend, Mike Spicer.

Mike is someone you should know...someone your Grandma should know. He has been rockin' the cartoon thing for years. My favorite creation from Mike is the well-known "Celebrity Clerks". Taking well know or contemporary public figures and placing them in the job of waiting on the same overall wearing fellow, left with the fate of forever buying from these wildly perverse versions of cartoon reality. I've always wondered if this guy ever goes home....

This however is not the only thing Mike has done in the world of cartoon art. Even though you may not know him like you know Gary Trudeau, Scott Adams or Jim soon will.

And now for a modest fee this son of Canada will take a photo and do a magnificent cartoon style portrait to be placed by you on the networking site of your choice...or just print the thing out and carry it in your wallet or purse...well what your do with it is actually your business. Now go out into the virtual world, hit Mike's email or catch him on FaceBook to "Spicer-up" that pic! :D

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